Risk Management

Risk Management & Fraud Detection

MAP offers a variety of flexible risk management services to help your credit union reduce losses and lower administrative expense associated with managing fraud. Our comprehensive risk management services range from suspect activity reporting to advanced neural network fraud detection support.


We work closely with you to identify your risk management needs and then provides tools and controls to actively manage payment system risk. You may take advantage of any or all of the options available and, as your risk management needs change, easily adjust program parameters.


Your single-point connection to MAP and Visa helps you make informed authorization decisions to manage risk, while also achieving your member service objectives.


Benefits of Risk Management & Fraud Detection Services


Protect your card programs with comprehensive fraud management coverage.

Our services are tailored to your institution’s needs, risk characteristics, and goals. By combining processing scale, advanced technology, and years of risk management experience, we can provide you with a complete fraud management program at an affordable cost.


Reduce fraud losses.

Visa employs advanced fraud detection tools—including Falcon Fraud Manager, Managed Real-Time, Risk Services Manager, Visa Advanced Authorization, and Flash Fraud Rules—to protect your Visa card programs from intrusion by unauthorized users and to combat flash fraud.


Improve authorization decisions.

Information supplied by Visa Advanced Authorization and other authorization parameters enhances your authorization decision-making process, bringing security and increased confidence to each Visa payment card authorization.


Protect cardholders with world-class customer service.

You can depend on Visa Cardholder Support Services (CSS) for full-function fraud call center services including monitoring, rules management, confirmation calls, high score/non-contact block options, and 24/7 voice response unit (VRU) access for cardholders to block/unblock and activate their cards.


Reduce costs and minimize resource requirements.

When you choose CSS for fraud call center support, all equipment, systems, and personnel reside at Visa, reducing your costs and minimizing the resources required for full-function fraud detection protection.